Wednesday, 5 October 2016

New Beauty Applications 2016 To Turn You Picture Perfect!

Nowadays, everyone wants to look perfect on all the social platforms on the internet. Thus, to achieve this feat there are several beauty apps that can easily provide you that perfection in three to four simple steps. Therefore, to make you aware of such applications, we have listed some of them for you.

1)      Skinbetter
With this application, all you need to do is click a photo of yours, build a skin profile, and let the application do the rest; it makes use of the dermatologist rated technology to recognize the biggest skin problem you encounter like redness, wrinkles, and spots, then give out the best recommendations for the products that can take care of them. This entire thing just takes place in a matter of seconds, and you can even buy those products right away!
       2)   Makeup Genius by L'OrĂ©al Paris
When using this application, you don’t need to upload any picture, this app affects all from cat eyes to bold and dark red lip shade or the pink blush or all at once. By means of your cellphone’s front camera, the application scans a total of 64 spots on your face to entirely swipe on the makeup. As it all takes place live, you can check out each and every appearance from different angles.
       3)   Facetune
As all of us know about how to edit an iPhone image so that we can share it on various social networks. But this application presents an extraordinary group of editing apparatus which doesn’t require any laptop or computer. With this application, you can smooth your complexion, flush unwanted marks, remove red eye, and bright up your teeth real fast.
       4)   Drugstore Dupes
This application is an invitation for all the beauty freaks that shop on a defined budget and pairing beauty items with low-cost drugstore modes.  This app definitely puts reasonably priced goods suggestions for makeup, hair, skin, tools, and nails all at a single junction.

These are some of the applications that are best for you and provide all the necessary things that you require in a beauty app for your phone.

Live TV Apps For Android – Relish Your Favorite Shows On The Go!

Everyone it today’s world enjoy movies, shows, videos, and a lot more on the go when they are traveling. To enable them to do all this on the run, there are several Live TV apps available on all the marketplaces. Android offers many such applications both free as well as paid. Some of these applications have been aligned by us especially for you to have fun watching you favorites.

This application offers a really good user interface and a wholesome number of channels that the users can view and relish. The variety of content it offers will keep entertained for long hours without any problem. Enjoy fairly fast streaming doesn’t let you face any fuss while watching the videos.
LiveStream TV
With this app, you can use the Chromecast to enjoy live TV on your large screen TV sets. It offers around 300 standard high-quality channels to choose from. It also presents a valuable collection of sports channels for free.
This application provides over 200 channels to watch a variety of TV shows. It is fairly easy to navigate within the app as the interface is accurately designed. You can view everything from sports to TV shows and from news to kid’s shows everything is available.
This app offers a suitable catch-up TV mode, which permits you to watch the shows that have already been aired as easily as it can get. Though it doesn’t present a full collection of TV channels, but still there is ample variety on this app. This application offers several Indian languages that it isn’t rather impossible to house each channel on a particular application.

So, these were some of the best Android apps that can provide lots of entertainment and fun moments while watching your favorite shows.

Best Music Apps for Android – Kindle your music senses!

Nowadays, a lot of people have switched to some or the other kinds of apps that stream live music such as the Google Play Music. Though, there exist some of us who like hanging on to our customized array of songs as streaming sometimes not that enjoyable. If you possess a personalized collection of songs and the available normal song player isn’t doing well, then we have listed below some of the best music apps for all you android users.

jetAudio Music Player
This application is one among the long running favorite of most of the Android as it is better than other apps, but is adequately easy for everyone to use and enjoy their music. It offers a wide range of audio improvements that are inbuilt as plugins so that you can improve your music experience.
BlackPlayer is easy, but well-designed music player that shrinks the gap between you and your music collection. It runs on a tabular arrangement and you can modify the tabs according to your needs. It is pleasantly plain and an incredible choice.
The MediaMonkey music app provides lots of options, which contain managerial characteristics for things such as podcasts, audiobooks, and the capability to classify the songs by means of artist names. The app also sports an equalizer with audio presets.
The n7player is an application which attempts to achieve things that are a little distinct and has succeeded. As an alternative to lists of sorted music in several ways, n7player generates a huge collage to list up your music that you can explore to enjoy your personalized music collection.

These are some the apps that you must keep your eyes on when opting for a music player other than the stock music player to enjoy the finest music experience.

Best Health Apps for Android To Stay Fit and Lead a Healthy Lifestyle!

Being healthy and fit is one thing which is on the mind of each and every individual at some point of time. There’s a time when you start feeling tired of eating fast foods like burgers, pizza, noodles, etc. and you get bored of running and going up & down the stairs. Happily, there are lots of apps on various marketplaces of smartphones as well as tabs that might help you in leading your life better, eating clean, and working out more regularly. Therefore, we have listed below, the best health apps that can be used by Android users all over the world.

1)            7 Minute Workout
It is believed that the toughest part of becoming fit in being in shape is getting it on track, which has been made easier by the 7 Minute Workout. This app comprises of 12 unique exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your home with minimum gears, how-to-do videos, and a Material Design stimulated interface which makes the application fairly easy to use. Each and every workout is intended to be performed for maximum 30 seconds and a 10-second gap between two exercises. The application also supports Google Fit if anyone uses it in daily life.
2)            Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal
MyFitnessPal is very popular and acclaimed in the field of fitness apps and this widespread app is so easy to operate that anyone can use it without any problem. The spotlight of this app is counting the number of calories so that one can maintain a track of what all you consume, the quantity of food you eat, and how clean and healthy was your diet. The food database that comes with this app has numerous amount of foods, thus it is really very simple to open the application and get on with it. You can also get some workout plans that can be customized according to the level of your fitness.
3)            Fooducate
Fooducate is a different kind of calorie counting app as it not only enables you to record your calories but can also let you decide what in your diet is, in fact, best and worst for your health. The application permits you to keep a track of workout routine and diet similar to other apps. The database of food associated with this app is above 250,000 distinct food items that are available to offer a fast suggestion.

So, these were some of the health apps that are famous and acclaimed over the Android’s Google Play Store. So, download them right away to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Best Fitness and Nutrition Apps to Watch Out for When You Own an iPhone!

In this fast evolving world, everyone needs to attain a perfect level of fitness to keep up with the changing trends of the society and be established as a true individual. To acquire all this, now you don’t need any trainer of any equipment if you have an iPhone in your pocket. You just need to download some apps and these applications are going to do it for you. For this particular reason, we have listed some of the best fitness apps that you can use to get fit using your iPhone.

1)      Lose It
It is an app that is capable of tracking exact values of carbohydrate, calorie, fat, fiber, protein, and sodium in your food. You can add your daily workouts with the amount of hours spent and the app finds out your calorie intake, how much calories you burnt and how much more you can consume in the remaining day.
2)      GoodFoodNearYou
For all the common explorers, this application is perfect as it suggests clean food choices as per your location. It aims well-known casual dining places, fast-food outlets, and department & convenience outlets near you. When a suggestion is selected, a long catalog of healthy menu emerges with the totality of carbs, calorie, and fats.
3)      Nutrition Tips
This application is full of colors and provides several fun facts which are more than 500 in number to provide you a secure and fit diet. Each and every tip is written on a shiny Post-it look alike. Move through the pages or tremble your handset for a new piece of info.
4)      iTreadmill
After turning on this application, all you need to do is put the phone in your pocket and start your daily routine because this app precisely tracks you’re the number of steps, Mean Speed and the total distance covered. This is a pedometer that is equipped to work from pockets and purses as well unlike other pedometers.
So, these were some of the apps that can perfectly shape your fitness level with their functionalities and level of accuracy. Get them as per your needs and have fun being fit.