Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Best Health Apps for Android To Stay Fit and Lead a Healthy Lifestyle!

Being healthy and fit is one thing which is on the mind of each and every individual at some point of time. There’s a time when you start feeling tired of eating fast foods like burgers, pizza, noodles, etc. and you get bored of running and going up & down the stairs. Happily, there are lots of apps on various marketplaces of smartphones as well as tabs that might help you in leading your life better, eating clean, and working out more regularly. Therefore, we have listed below, the best health apps that can be used by Android users all over the world.

1)            7 Minute Workout
It is believed that the toughest part of becoming fit in being in shape is getting it on track, which has been made easier by the 7 Minute Workout. This app comprises of 12 unique exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your home with minimum gears, how-to-do videos, and a Material Design stimulated interface which makes the application fairly easy to use. Each and every workout is intended to be performed for maximum 30 seconds and a 10-second gap between two exercises. The application also supports Google Fit if anyone uses it in daily life.
2)            Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal
MyFitnessPal is very popular and acclaimed in the field of fitness apps and this widespread app is so easy to operate that anyone can use it without any problem. The spotlight of this app is counting the number of calories so that one can maintain a track of what all you consume, the quantity of food you eat, and how clean and healthy was your diet. The food database that comes with this app has numerous amount of foods, thus it is really very simple to open the application and get on with it. You can also get some workout plans that can be customized according to the level of your fitness.
3)            Fooducate
Fooducate is a different kind of calorie counting app as it not only enables you to record your calories but can also let you decide what in your diet is, in fact, best and worst for your health. The application permits you to keep a track of workout routine and diet similar to other apps. The database of food associated with this app is above 250,000 distinct food items that are available to offer a fast suggestion.

So, these were some of the health apps that are famous and acclaimed over the Android’s Google Play Store. So, download them right away to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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